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A “Must” Brain Health Supplement for Aging Brain


You are in the pantry, you stood still, stared blankly and struggled for what seemed eternity. Your mind finally spoke, “Why am I here?”. Emotions swept with overwhelming ‘frustration’, blamed your forgetfulness, your age and aging brain. An indication that it's time to get brain health supplement.

We all have our fair share of memory issues.  Especially when things around us are painfully too much to handle. The need to multi-task, cope with active life, endure rush hours. Whether you are a working mom or a family man, your kids are in school, your community needs help, and when mishaps happen, the car broke, milk is out, or the pet needs to see the veterinarian.

What if these happen all the time? When will you have peace and calm?

Some say the simple solution is 'focus', prioritize and concentrate.  Seem easy, but how?



The string on the finger will probably not work anymore since you do not even remember where you kept the thread or ball of yarn. Tons of tips and tricks will crop up as you Google your way for help. Eventually, you drown with so much information that you almost forgot to turn off the oven at the brink of scorching that deliciously marinated chicken for dinner.  

Working Memorya part of the short-term memory that allows for the storage and manipulation of information while working on another task. It peaks in our early 20s but shows a decline by 5%-10% per decade (Park & Reuter-Lorenz, 2009). In other words, as our Brain Ages, our Working Memory decreases.  


Help improve working memory and boost brain performance through scientifically delivered spearmint extract Neumentix. This all-natural extract is the only active ingredient of Bricker Labs Memory Matters®, it is bred to be high in polyphenols targeted to support cognitive and improve physical performance.

Memory Matters® feeds cognitive performance of young and aging adults focused on managing a busy home, work life and active life. This brain health supplement helps:

  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Promote new neuronal "brain cells" growth
  • Aid Increase neurotransmitter levels
  • Help maintain the blood-brain barrier
  • Protect neurons in the brain

Don’t get yourself in an embarrassing spot because you forgot where your eyeglasses are, when they are just sitting on your head.

2 capsules daily of Memory Matters® is all that matters.

Wait no more, woe no more. Get your Memory Matters® now on Amazon


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